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  • February 12 - Douglas C. Berry
  • February 12 - Douglas C. Berry
  • February 12 - Douglas C. Berry
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GEM-METRO:  Dependable quality landscape maintenance services since 1990


Hello, my name is Douglas Berry, chief principal at Gem Metro. In 1990 I started my business in the landscaping trade and green industry.  I began with an aptitude in horticulture, stuck with a good plan, and built my business with honesty and hard work.  In 2010 I obtained a Communications Studies undergraduate degree with an emphasis in business and marketing at the University of Montana in Missoula graduating with honors.  I have many professional interests including horticulture, sustainable agriculture, and small business development of all types.


Mission Statement 

GEM-METRO operates within a business philosphy based on putting ethics before profits and purpose before ambition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What do you specialize in?

A:     The green industry, agricultural production, and residential landscape maintenance.


Q: “When I first saw the GEM-METRO logo I thought you were selling jewelry?

A:  GEM-METRO got its start 1990 in "The Emerald Valley" and I decided to keep the logo.


GEM-METRO Business Philosophy

Our clients value dependable working relationships and personalized service. Through experience, one understands the need to trust your clients and have faith in your abilities.  We honor a business philosophy based on integrity.  


Ethics at GEM-METRO  

We use natural sustainable methods of lawn, garden, and landscaping care when possible.  We feed the soil.  We are for excellence in agri-culture and the green industry.

GEM-METRO is transparent when presenting its capabilities; this is a small homegrown local veteran owned business specializing in providing customized services working closely with our clients.