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Water; The Important Commodity


Water is the most important commodity this summer, as always...not enough and we have a drought, too much and we have a flood.  The West is in a full blown drought and the Midwest is in a full bore flood.  Well, we can't have it our way every year.  Both conditions can improve our growing skills as gardeners and small farmers.  A drought teaches us lessons about doing more with less or choosing better landscape plants and more drought tolerant crops to grow.  Flooding reminds us about drainage and how important soil permeability and soil  horizons are along with how topography makes all the difference between a boom or bust year.  In the green industry landscape maintenance always fares better than agricultural production in both floods and droughts; the difference is the ease and availabilty of residential irrigation when compared to the effects of raw nature.  Either way, we hope you all are having a great summer season and spending time with family and friends this July 4th!