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Tomatoes fresh from the garden

     This summer proved to be a good one for tomtoes grown with natural methods.  No reason to fill the garden soil with petroleum based caustic chemical fertilizers to get great tomatoes...instead we merely added some leaf mulch and compost and, presto, big great tasting perfect tomatoes.  We did not grow any "Early Girl" tomatoes because the patent on that hybrid is owned by Monsanto corporation, an entity that has been involved with shady unethical business practices here and abroad.  Instead, we chose "Celebrity" which is a fine tasting determinate mid sized slicer.  The best choice in cultivated varieties, or cultivars, often can be found in the open polinated types of tomatoes.  A particularly good one, if you can still find it, is caled "Lisa King."  Lisa King was marketed out of London Springs, Oregon by Territorial Seed Company.  The outstanding feature of this cultivar is not only is it a healthy flavorful slicer, but the home gardener can save the seeds to replant every year.  We used to have an early strain with good leaf cover that we selected over about a ten year period that was just the best tasing tomato ever! Did you know the Bible is for and details good farming and breeding practices in agriculture, but prohibits mixing different kinds of animals and crops together such as the new Genetically modified crops?  Fascinating and true, check it out for yourself!