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Working Double

This summer of 2015 was plenty busy!  Long days and a lot of hauling along with all kinds of work.  Ran into the yellow jackets about four times this year, luckily the bald faced hornets left us alone this season (they usually ambush us when we are working near wooded areas).  The odd weather saw wildlife acting odd too; such as deer wandering around residential areas where we have never seen them before.  It looks like the fall leaf removal season will be starting early this year, so we are gearing up to make sure all the properties will be claened up and looking good ASAP.  Remember to clean up your gardens this fall to help get rid of many overwintering pests that could cause you trouble next year! Give us a call if you need help with that fall season chore!  Thank you again to all of our long term clients and friends; we love making your properties look great! Douglas