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Horticultural and Maintenance Services Division

Mendon, Missouri


Roster of Completed Landscape Maintenance Services

Hedge Trimming and Shaping

Ice Storm Damage Hauling

Foundation Planting Rhododendron Hedge


Custom Hand Pruning


Bark Mulch Hauling and Application





4 cubic yard load of splinter free hemlock bark delivered



9 cubic yards of  bark delivered and applied

The grand entry; improved version


Roster of Spring Cleanups


Santa Clara/River Road Cleanup


Santa Clara Before

Santa Clara After

Hauling railroad ties

Load of bark mulch to San Francisco!

Santa Clara

River Road Cleanup: Before

Before Mess

Before overgrowth

Then...Hauling off debris

Cleanup After


Lawn Before Lyme Application

After 100 lbs Lyme Application


Eugene Before

Eugene After

Vegetable Garden Prep

3/4 Minus Gravel & Blended Mint Compost from Lane Forest Products

 Roster of Summer Cleanups

Eugene Cleanup Corner Garden

Flower Beds

Front Stairs with boxwood


And yet another cleanup...


Lawn edged, hedges trimmed, beds weeded and bark mulched

Meticulous in paying attention to details

Creative parking to get the job done right...


Recycling yard debris at Lane Forest Products


Fall Leaves



Fall Cleanup Eugene University Area: Before

Before (picture 2)

Fall Cleanup : After




Planted with grass clippings mulch between the rows


Summer Growth

Results in July; same garden plot

August bumper crops


8 foot tall sweet corn (2 ears each plant) and 12 foot tall popcorn (with 4 ears each); all natural


Mint Compost Hendricks Park area Eugene


Mint compost from Lane Forest Products applied as mulch to the semi-wild portion of the forest garden under the flowering dogwoods and rhododendrons

Monarda Didyma growing in the hillside garden retreat

Blended mint compost added to garden planter




Hauling a Wood-Permit load for a customer out of Hendricks Park, Eugene for home winter heating


Aerating a lawn


Removing a photinia hedge in River Road area.


Thatching Lawns


Here raking up the grass thatch to be hauled away

Hauling off thatch to be composted at Lane Forest Products

Thatched lawn

Thatched Lawn Recovering Nicely


Santa Clara Spring Cleanup






Residential Frontage Before

Residential Frontage After


Fruits & Berries

Grape Pruning

Hand weeding strawberries

Gem-Metro prunes a lot of Blueberries, and gets these results

Dwarf Apple Before

Dwarf Apple After



Raspberries too








Black Currants summer ripening after spring pruning


Lawns: Mowing, Edging, Fertilizing, Lyming


 River Road Before

River Road After

Eugene University area

Santa Clara area

Eugene Hendricks Park Area

Wild forest birds meet on the lawn at the bird bath sanctuary under the shade of the Japanese Maple


Many of our weekly route customers have been inspired to complement and, if you wil, improve on nature by building contemplative quiet retreats for wildlife and birds.  Here again, a good example being our client's garden bordering Hendrick's Park in Eugene.


Rental Property Cleanups


River Road frontage before

River Road frontage after

Backyard Before

Backyard After


Brush Removal and Hauling

Clearing a private road  in Lane County Oregon


Rose pruning and cultivation

Pruned Rose


Hybrid Tea cultivar "Brandy," on its own roots and RMV (Rose Mosaic Virus) Free!






ouglas Berry                                                          

                                      Douglas @






Making connections that count


EDUCATION, COURSEWORK & HONORS                                                                    


B.A., Communication Studies, with Honors, The University of Montana, 2010

A.A,. Education Degree



BUSINESS PURSUITS                                                                                                          

Prior Businesses:  Prairie Gem Farm Holdings, Douglas Yard Service: Eugene, Oregon, Gem Apiaries: Eugene, Oregon 1990-2011-

Consultancy:         Chief Principal at Gem-Metro 


 Agricultural Production

 Landscape (Maintenance) Industry

 Marketing design and implementation

 Strategic business promotions

 Website Copy and SEO

 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

 Direct selling, client scouting, and CRM

 Interstate sales and supply chain maintenance



PUBLIC SERVICE CAREER                                                                                               

U. S. Navy, Company Commander / Intelligence and Operations, 1983-1990

Five Commanding Officer’s Letters of Commendation, Sailor of the Quarter, Expeditionary Medal Recipient

 Company Commander, Fleet Combat Training Center / U.S.S. Horne, Guided Missile Cruiser CG-30